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Monday, August 31, 2009

Merdeka! and not merdeka~

Hello again~

Hehe.. seems so free today. oh anyway, Selamat Hari Kebangsaan Malaysia! Merdeka! I loooooooooove you! Nothing feels like home~

Despite our independence, there is still some people who dont wanna merdeka herself from the past and learn from it.. hmm.. why is that so? Doesnt she learn from what has happened?

As you could see, I've deleted my chatbox. haha.. Well, it does not mean that Ive surrendered. Instead I dont want to involve with that kind of stupid conversation with surik,suria,suris, shrek or whatever she called herself with. Tired of you and its so not membangun! I still have loads of stuff to do than just layan your crap! Boring~

By the way, who are we to talk bad about other people? are you and your family that PUUURRRFECT? Like you said, kubur masing2. so what the hell were you doing commenting on MY BLOG? I feel stupid for layan-ing you okay.. Dah la in disguise lagiiiiiii... chicken ! go and eat ur shit okay? oh wait, you are eating it now innit? thank God!

Whatever it is, youre realling pissing me off. get lost and berambus from my blog. stop being a stalker and stalk my blog. If you re not a stalker, not being jealous, why are you here, reading my post? Sympathy? oh hello... you should sympathy yourself first! see how pathethic youre doing this. haha. FYI, technically, you made me happy somehow knowing that you "care" soooo much about me (oh I am not that dumb to not know what ur real intention is) but sorry I dont have time for you girl... Im gonna repeat this one last time, GET A LIFE! this is Ramadhan for God's sake. Change ok change! Dont just mess with others' life just because you cant live your life like others. Dont cry lonely lil girl, you can change if you want to. You just need to freeee yourself first! hahahahhahahahahahahahhahaa....

Till then darlings~ muahx


Sunday, August 30, 2009


Salam Ramadhan to all bloggers~

Hehe.. I'll be home in few weeks time! yeay! I did not celebrate eid with family last year and this year, InsyaAllah I will be ! I cant wait to see you the Sukris !! Love you guys muchy much.... and looking forward to seeing my baju raya as well.. haha... been counting days lately.. still need to shop lots of stuffs for you guys.. hehe.. one for one people will do okay? haha..I'll surely broke at the end of this month.. hoho...

cant wait to be home~ place that I love most. and cant wait to see rumah dusun as well.. rumah dusun oh rumah dusun.. how do you look like? been hearing from kak sheilla, you are nice and all.. but hmm.. Im hoping for 5 rooms in it but papa insists on 4.. share pon share lah kak sheilla kan?..hahaha.. what-ever...

Oh my boyfie is goin to macca this week.. Selamat pergi and selamat pulang okay bee? Thats all I want from you! take care of yourself.. I'll see you raya~

Okay then. Need to do tute work. argh.. malas okay. till then~~


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Potluck Puasa


Today is our first day of Ramadhan, so we decided to do potluck! I cook nasi kerabu and ayam percik today~aums... It tastes not bad though.. edible.. hehe.. theres seriously loads of food! and I keep on eating eating and eating... hahaha... hello sarah.. first day puasa kot~

what-ever.. after that we perform solat terawikh together.. Its been a while since I solat berjemaah though... Its fun~

andddd......... then here it comes our bonding session~ charade time !!!! cool... My team won! hahahaha..

Sape kata Ramadhan kat overseas not fun? hehe.. Arghh.. sleepy sleepy~

till then.. mmwahs.. oh before that, enjoy the photos~

Monday, August 10, 2009



I heard something from someone just now, I just cant go back to sleep.. Losing someone we love.. It is a really hard thing to accept... Divorce, break up are somehow things that hmmm I cant say it is easy stuffs to deal with but it is easy compared to losing someone forever and ever. as in death. It is unbearable (well to some point of time perhaps, people need to move on eventually).. But what will you feel if the one you love most died in front of your eyes by accident? nauzubillah..

I just cant imagine myself losing people that I love.. I do not want to think of it but I keep on thinking of it. Just by thinking of it make me feel restless.. We have to treasure what we have now.. otherwise there will no point of regretting later on..

Life is unpredictable and death is inevitable..

Love what you have and appreciate them, thats the best way..

Till then~