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Monday, September 7, 2009


I'm wondering...
Should I take MBA straight away or work first? Argh.... Its a tough decision to be made. Melanie told me that its advisable to work first then take master.. but then I don't think I will pursue my study once Ive started working. Help~~~~~~~


  1. keje dulu joms ;)

    nanti bile u da start keje, u rase the stress and commitment pastu tetibe rase the wants to study, u bole pursue ur master then ;)

  2. hahahha.. good idea! if i dont feel the stress ? xyah pursue camtu? hehehehhe.. u xnk continue?

  3. mba kena ada working experience, at least 2 years. unless if u nak pegi uitm or unis like deakin. u really need the experience, it's not easy to do mba. even skarang ni pun i agak lost... susah nak relate benda yg kita blaja coz tak de working experience.

    it'd be better if u buat cpa or acca or CA or something like that. then later on mba.

  4. i da check ngn RMIT. they offer MBA. duration : 1 year.. no working experience needed. for fresh graduate.. hmm...thats why im torn between MBA or keje... oooh.. patut la melanie ckp camtu (our lecturer).. thanks zi! i'll think of CPA then..

  5. u know kan i mmg nak continue.

    insyaAllah ade rezeki i wanna do masters :)

  6. mba is worthless without any work experience. you can go ask any recruiter out there. for a good start, cpa will give u an edge. later when u have enough experience, go for your MBA.

  7. thanks Navin... I am thinking of doing CPA atm while working. Hope its best for me tho. hehehe