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Monday, April 15, 2013

No. Not yet.

No. I havent delivered yet. Aaaaaarghh... 

I am not sure how many cm Ive dilated now but the pain is just like having mensus.. It comes and go... I believe that is what people call it contraction.

Anyways, I got a surprise today! Ive told my dad that I crave for iphone5 last 2 weeks (I seldom have food cravings since I got pregnant. Only my hubs does). Knowing that, he bought me a iphone5 todayyyy! Yayyy.. And texted me, 'Paps bought u iphone5 already and please deliver baby MS faster' . Hahaha okay papito. In syaa Allah... We love you moreee and more.....


Dear baby Ms, when are you coming out frommy tummy? Mommy wonders.......

Is it the time yet?

our baby MS is popping out anytime soon! In syaa Allah...

my cervix is only 1cm dilated at the moment.

Super scared! Super nervous! Waiting is painful I tell you.

till then..