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Monday, April 15, 2013

No. Not yet.

No. I havent delivered yet. Aaaaaarghh... 

I am not sure how many cm Ive dilated now but the pain is just like having mensus.. It comes and go... I believe that is what people call it contraction.

Anyways, I got a surprise today! Ive told my dad that I crave for iphone5 last 2 weeks (I seldom have food cravings since I got pregnant. Only my hubs does). Knowing that, he bought me a iphone5 todayyyy! Yayyy.. And texted me, 'Paps bought u iphone5 already and please deliver baby MS faster' . Hahaha okay papito. In syaa Allah... We love you moreee and more.....


Dear baby Ms, when are you coming out frommy tummy? Mommy wonders.......

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