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Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011 travel story

Ive been to 12 destinations this year:

Bali (For sister's wedd)
Perhentian Island
United Kingdom
Well, that sort of a good accomplishment for me tho! haha.. never travelled to more than 4 countries in a year but this year, 12 ok 12! not to boast here but I feel like winning a gold medal lmao. and yes, I had to apply for unpaid leave ;(
Will update the photos soon!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

the Engagement story

oh YES. (video)
A combo celebration.

Where I turned 24 and got my status changed after 9 years and 5 months together ;D

One step closerrrrr (*while singing the song)

Thank you to both families, relatives, bffs, gegirls, and all other attendees for helping and coming. 

  • Venue: Rumah Dusun (Our dad rest house at his kampung)

  • Date: 30th July 2011

  • Dress & Make Up by Rozlan Nasir

  • Pelamin & Decoration by Arwana Bridal

Invitation card ;D
Getting ready

The Hantaran


Surprise Birthday Cake!

mind my baju. I didnt 'sewa" it. Its just that I lost weight few weeks before engagement and I didnt bother to try it on before the engagement. SILLY me!

Both Families

My pawai/Dulang girls and boys ;D

Friday, March 11, 2011

the surgery :)

Hello there...

Its been a week since I got my appendix removed. Yes, I have no appendix now :( I got it removed (well by the surgeon of course) last thursday at pakar perdana.been on mc for a week :p..Well the good thing is now I know what is the root of my tummyache those days..

I went on check up wit the doc this morning, he gave me another week of mc. Which is a good thing for me..but the problem is I feel bored at home. I keep on updating satuses, uploading photos on fb and bla bla bla. Too much of not so useful stuffs. I better find some better things to do or else I'll gone gaga by next week.

Somehow,there's a good thing about being sick, u'll know who is genuinely care about you. Well in my case, now I know who is actually concern about me :) I appreciate that. And hanya Allah yg mampu membalasnya..I got lots and lots and lots and flowers too!hehe..

I'm feeling a lot better now. Compared to the first day of my surgery. Only god knows how I feel.but at least I can walk now..even though not that'll take 6weeks to be fully recovered. :(

Hmm..I guess that's it for now. Will update soon. 

Operation timeeeeeee


Monday, February 21, 2011

Hold on Maisarah Sukri !

Stay still Sarah! One more year one more year to go.. Or less.
knowledge, networking, experience....
knowledge, networking, experience....
knowledge, networking, experience....

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

the Proposal story

Yep. The boyfie has finally proposed!

It was on our 9th anniversary, 14th Feb 2011, late evening, 5pm ish, he called me at work and said he's waiting for me outside. I was like, at this timeeee? (Its not that I dont wanna see him but hey, I am a banker, I need to finish work pronto or else, I will end up going back late!)

Ok then I dragged myself outside and found him waiting in the car. I quickly took my fav passenger seat next to him.. Haha. Favourite? Really?

boyfie: sayang, close your eyes please? (that 'crazy over you' song by 112 starts playing in the car, romantic gtu. Errr romantic ke?)

Me: why? What are you going to do to me? Dont main2 okay (he just loves to main2 with me bythe way.haha)

Boyfie: tutup laaaaa... For a while only..

Me: okay okay. Then I shut my eyes.

Then less than a minute later, he asked me to open my eyes.

Then tadaaaaaaa, I saw a ring in a love box. I was like, what for? ( yes, silly question but hey what should I say, oh is that for me, oh its beautiful, just like I want bla bla bla. Hell no!).

The ring is exactly like the one that my mom got and boyfie once saw the photo that I was wearing it (he did ask me right after that, who gave you this bla bla bla, jeolous bee? Lol)

And the next thing I knew, he got me the exact same ring! Smaller ones of course, mom's too big.

Okay back to the proposal story,

Boyfie: will you marry me? (the question finaally popped out!)

Apalagi folks, then its the time i said 'YES'. He then put the ring on my finger. Then I sengih2 and the rest is historyyyyyy....

We then live happily ever after... I wish la kan! Anyways, there will be the engagement, the nikah, the reception later on.. InsyaAllah...

The proposal ring

Till the next post...


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Work Life Balance

Focusing on a clearer direction. For better future. InsyaAllah...

I am living a healthy life I guess ;p..

Weekdays: Wake up, work, swimming, family bonding, work a bit, sleep

Forget about weekends. Too many things to list.. Haha..