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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Love Story

Hello bloggers.

Just want to share something with ya. Something about a guy who has stolen my heart. Yep. The one in the photo, next to me.

I met him few years back in secondary school. 2002. Its little bit surprise for me though to get to know him. He is one year older than me.

I seriously did not expect that a guy like him will be attracted to me. Reason? well. I dont know.

I still remember the day that he came to me and wanted to talk to me. I was kind of "jual mahal". Didnt really want to talk to him anyway. Instead I let my friend answer his question. haha. Sorry bout that love. But then after a few attempt, he managed to get my phone number. After that, you guys know what happen la yeah.. We have declared our relationship on the 14th February 2002. Valentines? Yes. At first, I really thought that that would be just a puppy love. You know secondary school students bercinta. haha.. It feels nice tho to have a bf in school because we will be looking forward to go to school to see him. but the un-nice part was argh... distractions!!!! I couldnt concentrate sometimes when I know he is staring at me from other classroom. haha. duh. funny!

Well, a lil bit of this and that happened during our first 4 years together. We were still not that stable at that time. You know la kan, we fights and bla bla bla. And that moment I seriously think that would be the end of us. But NO. Love-Hate situation I could say. haha.

The fourth year being together. Hm.. Its a bit special to me. This is where I found out that I actually in love with him. Its not that I didnt like him before. I did. Hell a lot. In fact, I do like him so much to the extent that I want to see his face everyday. But love? It came when I was 18. Even though we got together when I was 15. It might sound a bit ridiculous eh. but yeah thats the truth.

To bee,
I know that you dont know this yet. I have never spilt it out to you. You dont know when I found out that I actually in love with you. Well, It was on my birthday. 30072006. That was the time that I REALIZE that I could not live without you. That was the time that I know you are the one for me. That was the time that I know you are meant for me. and that was the time that I know that I am truly, madly, deeply in love with you. You have been waiting for the answer of why do I love you right? The answer is "I love you because you make me feel complete". I have never felt so complete before that. I feel content when I am with you. I love you tonnes bee..

Well, now is our 7th year ++ of being together. We are muchly still in love. I really hope it would be forever. Well, we do fights, we do have our ups and downs but we managed to get through it so far. A long distance relationship does not always work out I heard. But I hope it will for us.

This is basically the love story of mine. hehe..

I will continue later on.


Monday, April 13, 2009

The Family Story

Hello there.

Well, as the title says, its my family story! I am posting up about my family here. hehe.

I have a father which I call him PAPA. A mother which I call her MAMA.


1)Melissa Sukri (KAKAK) + Hafiz Mohd Adham (Abang) = Sabrina (Bree)
2)Mesheilla Sukri (KAK SHEILLA)
3)Maisarah Sukri (ME!)
4)Adam Shafiq Sukri (ADAM)

They are like my assets. Without them, I dont think I will not be the same person as I am today.

We call US The Sukris. The family of Sukri. The Sukris, I love you guys heaps! Lublu...

Thats about it I guess. hehe.. oh, abang was not in the photo. hehe. He was the one who took this photo I guess.

Till then~



Sunday, April 5, 2009


Damn you handphones bill!! why god why.... please let me control myself...
arghh... there gone my money... $1000 phone bill in a month???
blame my stupidity!!!!
damn damn damn you!!!!!
sakittt hati!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


hello . .

I HAVE MY OWN BLOG peeps!! hell yes!! It's shocking for me too!! I used to think that people who have blogs are very free... as if they have nothing to do...(remember ekha?) haha and now I have mine..I absolutely have no idea what has triggered me to do this..lalala... whatever it is.. I bet it feels nice to write here tho.. This must be the reason why billions of people do have their own blog and sharing their thoughts.. oh, we could even write things that we just cannot talk to anyone or maybe things that we do not have guts to tell people and things that we afraid if we tell them, they will feel deeply hurt? well, its a democracy world. everyone has their basic human right to talk.. freedom of speech.. is that what they call it? hahaha.. whatelse? Hmm.. I better stop this crap now. before its getting crappier.. till then~~~