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Sunday, April 5, 2009

hello . .

I HAVE MY OWN BLOG peeps!! hell yes!! It's shocking for me too!! I used to think that people who have blogs are very free... as if they have nothing to do...(remember ekha?) haha and now I have mine..I absolutely have no idea what has triggered me to do this..lalala... whatever it is.. I bet it feels nice to write here tho.. This must be the reason why billions of people do have their own blog and sharing their thoughts.. oh, we could even write things that we just cannot talk to anyone or maybe things that we do not have guts to tell people and things that we afraid if we tell them, they will feel deeply hurt? well, its a democracy world. everyone has their basic human right to talk.. freedom of speech.. is that what they call it? hahaha.. whatelse? Hmm.. I better stop this crap now. before its getting crappier.. till then~~~