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Monday, May 18, 2009

Congratulations Adam Shafiq Sukri !

Adam!!!! My little brother yang will always be boosuk....

Congratulations on your graduation! Pilot huh? not bad.. tu pon at the age of 20? I hate you. haha.

You graduate earlier than me in fact that I am actually 2years older than you. Thats so uncool..Sad sad..

Well my darling Adam, the truth is I am so proud of having you as my younger brother.

Despite the fact that you always treat me like your younger sis. hehe.. I love you so much you know.

So, advice from your elder sister, once you are working, please be wise. Too much temptations out there. Choose whats the best for you ok. Let Mama and Papa proud of you ( well I know they have been always proud of you) but please please please dont you ever let them down.

Be good. Be wise. Be nice.



Friday, May 15, 2009

5 a.m

Hello again there.

Er.. I do not know why I am posting something titled 5 am. Its 5 and I am very very very sleepy at the moment.

But then, I just want to share something with you guys before I go to sleep. When I was flipping Herald Sun newspaper just now (finding articles for my taxation law folio, duh), I came across this guy, named Paul de Gelger. He was a shark victim and nearly died after he was savaged by that shark @ Sydney Harbour last february. scary huh.

The special thing about him is, his determination to recover and live life as normal people. Oh have I mentioned that his right hand had been torn off by that shark and surgeons amputated his lower right leg? hm..

And last tuesday, he was seen paddling through the waves at Bondi Beach, Sydney again without right hand and lower right leg. Salute man! I really envy your determination! All the best to ya!

Till then~


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The last and very last time

This would be the last time that I am posting up about shrek and the clan. I am so fed up with this thing. Come on this is my blog for god's sake. I can post whatever I want and what I reckon to be true.

Theres this people which call herself or himself as nik haris and been reading my blog. Who the heck is nik haris? I dont know. But nik haris claimed himself as my friend and shrek's.. I cant remember having a friend named nik haris and I dont think I know shrek's friend. hehe.. sorry.
A stalker I would say. When I ask who are you. He told me that he's using random name. Get my point what he's trying to do? He's in disguise as well! Practically I havent told anyone yet about my blog accept 2 people and YET here he is, commenting my blog? Dont you have a life to live on?

Nik haris has been protecting shrek in his comments to my post "saturday night with a thought that I should not think of but I did". Telling that shrek is innocent and been crying because the sis in law asked her to take the blame for the cousin. Haha.. Why wouldnt this nik haris reveal himself? Scared or is he shrek? hehe.. He seems to know everything about what happened. Every single details of what happened to shrek, he happens to know. Wow. Nik haris and shrek must be very close huh.

He wanted to blame the cousin of all what happened. I strongly have to object that my dear nik haris. You know why? The cousin has alibi and I trust the cousin. Well I am not that close to that cousin but I can bet my life that she wont say anything bad about my dad and automatically did not sent any of those cruel msgs to me. I really kesian the cousin if the cousin seriously for being kicked out from the family(Nik haris told this). But then Nik haris, if the sis in law asked shrek to take the blame for the cousin why why why why the cousin is being kicked out from the family? It does not make any sense at all I tell you.

And I still remember that the shrek has accused another person of doing that thing to me which is the cousin's cousin. Shreks playing a bit innocent here. and the sis in law has been accusing the cousin's cousin's friend who is jealous of me. hmm.. complicated huh. There are so many stories. So nik haris just choose which one u want to believe, be quiet and leave me alone please?. This thing absolutely has NOTHING to do with you. EXCEPT... you are really shrek. Get the drift?

And about the point youre telling me about my dad and jali. hmm.. is that your problem? Being a busybody again huh? xcukup with my life now you want to intefere with my family's life as well? and pasal ku dah? hahahahaha... story lama man. Why would I tell you what happened behind that? Are you part my family? As you can see, there always two sides of every story(except shrek's story, its 3 stories for god's sake!!haha) Again, choose what you want to choose to believe. cool?

Lastly Nik haris, Please please please GET THE HELL OUT OF MY LIFE especially my blog.. Its my blog!! my own freaking blog!! not yours not your friend's. Dont pretend to be my friend when you re not ok.


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day Mama & Kakak


Happy Mother's day.. Thank you for everything that you have done to US.

Thank you for holding on. Otherwise, we will not be what we are right now.

Thank you again for doing that for us, sacrificing yourself and ignoring your feelings. Not many woman can do that.

I know its hard. and painful at the same time. but you have managed to do that.

I am proud of you Mama.

Whatever it is, I hope you will always be happy.

We love you truly, deeply Mama..

Kakak Dearest,

Happy Mother's Day to you as well. The mother of our Sabrina..

Be a good mother. Love you as always.. and thank you for all this while.

Thanks for guiding US.. Showing US the right path. May you live happily ever after.

Lublu. Muahxx


Saturday Night with a thought that I wish I did not think of but I did

hello there.

Its saturday night. I was supposed to go to this shirts, shorts and socks party but did not. I am so lazy to bring my ass over there. Lazy to meet people to be precise. haha.. instead here I am writing this blog.

Out of sudden, I felt like seeing my photos collection. When I was browsing old photos of mine, I came across with a few photos of this girl. A girl that I wish I did not know. A girl that I wish she was not my friend. A girl that I never thought she is. A girl that I know from friendster when she sent me a msg through that. A girl who wanted to be friend with me through friendster. It might sound weird. but I did reply her msg when I know that she is actually my sister's friend's future sister in law. At that time. I found out that we were actually from the same school when we became friends. Fuh. Maher must be toooo gigantic and pack with people to the extent that I have not seen her before in school. Okay now moving on to "our friendship". She was a good friend of mine back then. She was funny, friendly, humble, sweet and the best part was she can imitate people's attitude perfectly. She was a great friend. She was there when I need a person called friend. We did share things. In fact, I did tell my friends that she is a great friend and a nice person to hang with. Well, that was before I get to know the real her.

It was valentines 2009. I found out that she is totally opposite of what I think she was. A backstabber, full of jealousy, would say anything and do anything to people if she cant stand that person, liar, talk bad about people even though that person is her family, and etc. I could say that I was broken hearted when I knew she is the person that she is. Emo huh? Well, I am the type that treasure friends and that is why I do not really have a bestfriend because I know how it feels like having a friend that backstab you or doing things that you just cannot believe that she actually does. Seriously I know. Well, I do have close friends though. Azie, Nissa, Nyna, Aishah, Aasya, Zah, Sue, Karina, Ekha, Ava, Ryna, Faes and bla bla bla.. Sorry for those I did not write their names. Hell a lot you know. You guys know who you are right? Love you guys dearly.

Okay back to my story, one day on valentines day, 2009, I did receive text messages from "a stranger", an unknown number. Well a stranger that knows me very well indeed. haha. Its funny but yeah that stranger do know me well. except for a few things that she or he thought she or he was correct but no. He or She texted me something like "oh do u think you are blair waldorf or something?dah la huduh, gemuk, pendek, muka ada bekas jerawat, hidung kemek pastu kembang, mulut muncung mcm itik, rambut keras mcm gapo, muka bulat. doh la keno tipu ko bf. You are such a bimbo la. Doh la your dad bla bla, you ni bla bla bla, your family bla bla bla". Well, before valentines, this number did msg me twice. when I just got back from Perhentian Island. Asking me about Perhentian and oh wait! I dont think I did say anything about when I am supposed to go and back from Perhentian to anyone except my family, nissa, ain, azie and that girl. Not even facebook and friendster! Well people do have a right to talk or freedom to speech but this is way too nasty. People can say anything that they want but who in the world would do that to people except for those who is a bitch and just do not care about others feeling. Its a bit harsh but I seriously think that is the right word to call that kind of people. Well I was so upset after that msg and i did call that "stranger". But to show the cowardness of her or him, she or he did not talk at all. Silence. Thats all I got. After I hang up, I got few msgs from that "stranger" again. that showed how pathetic that "stranger" was. Apa lagi, I did reply the "stranger". Wrote things that I never thought I would. haha. I was so pissed off what do u expect. hehe. We did berbalas text messages for a while. Then that girl face came to my mind. The way that the stranger msgd me was exactly the same as how that girl write msgs. Lets call her Shrek (A nickname given by a friend, thanks for this!). I did sent a msg typed "her real name" to that "Stranger"(silly moves but yeah i did do that). Then a few seconds after that, that stranger replied, "who is .... ? Do u think I am chinese? no I am not."(her name sounds a bit chinese perhaps). Then, I did msg shrek's real number telling how broken hearted I was but I did not state any cause of why I was broken hearted. EXPECTEDLY, Few hours later, shrek msgd me!!! telling me that "someone" has sent her msgs that I did talk bad about her and accusing one of my friend that sent me those cruel msgs that I got earlier. hahahaha.. wrong move shrek! Wasnt that just stupid? hahaha.. I was like laughing my ass off man!. what a coincidence la kan? Shrek and Stranger are friends and know each other!!!! My friends that know her number is just azie. Hahaha.. I was on the phone with azie when that stranger msgd me. So clearly its not azie. After that, shrek started telling about this to her sister in law and few people that I dont know. that Ive been accusing her for msging cruel text msgs I would say. without even checking it first. She even called me and told me she would ask her brother to burn down my house? to burn down bikers? haha.. samseng kampung man. and she called herself classy? hehe.. sorry. Oh who is she to do something like that? She talked without even think of the consequences. Maybe she forgot that in Malaysia we do have rules. So yeah.Then, I became a bitch for quite some time. Telling certain people that she used to talk bad about them to me. including her so called family. Well I guess the family know her better. Oh not to forget, she did tell me something bad about her so called bestfriend. Her bestfriend has a XXX video!! and how desperate and euw her bestfriend is. I dont know her "bestfriend" so I just couldnt say this to her.

The best part was, after all the feud and stuffs, I did check the stranger's num through Maxis. It turned out that the number is actually registered under shrek's sister's in law's cousin. What a coincidence again huh? haha.. Apa lagi, I called the sisters in law's cousin to ask her about the msgs. The cousin denied its her and instead confessed that she actually has given the number to SHREK and shrek was the one who asked me about perhentian! Proven! Its Shrek!!!! I did not tell her that I know this from the sis in law's cousin, instead I did msg her sis in law. It was a way of telling her without directly telling her. What happen to her after that? I dont know. I am not interested to know. I dont want to even hear or see her name appearing anywhere. hehe. So thats it. The one that I thought my friend is not actually my friend. So I just want to tell anyone. Be careful with everyone. You cant trust anyone except your family. especially this shrek. Why would she did that? I dont know and I dont want to know. But I hope she learn her lesson. and do not do this to anybody ever again. Have a good life yeah Shrek? Do not think that I dont know what your loved ones has done to you. I just want to keep it quite and in fact people around you do know how your loved ones real attitute. He was the one who blab all of those. Otherwise people wont know. Whatever... This story is getting crappier. I am so sleepy and hopeless atm.

Oh its getting late! need to wake up early tomorrow. I have to settle some stuffs. So till then~ good night people.. muahxxx


Friday, May 8, 2009



You re 1 today. Happy Birthday to you! Aunty misses you so much.

Time flies so fast and Aunty thinks that Aunty has missed you growing up.

Heard that you can walk today.. Isk.. and Aunty didnt even have a chance to see that? huh.

Anyway, Be a good girl Bree. Grow up faster!!! and call me Aunty Sarah asap. Cant wait to hear that.

Till I see you again Sabrina.