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Monday, May 18, 2009

Congratulations Adam Shafiq Sukri !

Adam!!!! My little brother yang will always be boosuk....

Congratulations on your graduation! Pilot huh? not bad.. tu pon at the age of 20? I hate you. haha.

You graduate earlier than me in fact that I am actually 2years older than you. Thats so uncool..Sad sad..

Well my darling Adam, the truth is I am so proud of having you as my younger brother.

Despite the fact that you always treat me like your younger sis. hehe.. I love you so much you know.

So, advice from your elder sister, once you are working, please be wise. Too much temptations out there. Choose whats the best for you ok. Let Mama and Papa proud of you ( well I know they have been always proud of you) but please please please dont you ever let them down.

Be good. Be wise. Be nice.



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