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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Last day in Berwick!

hello there.

It has been soooo long since I posted up something in here. Well, I had exams and house-hunting after that. Exams was okay.. alhamdulillah.. house hunting? Its really tiring. I felt like collapsing. BUT, its worth it anyways. We have found a house in Lt Collins St. yeay!! its nice but a bit old. I dont really care anyway I just need a house to live in by 1st July. hehe.. will post the pic of our new house soon..

So today is my last day in Berwick.. gonna miss this place hell a lot and especially the people here. I likeeeeee them!!! oh, im gonna miss my housemates.. Kathy and Jan.. they are cool.. Love u guys!

We had potluck in our apartment last sunday. Many people came. Lotsa lotsa foooood!! and we played warewolf after that. It was awesome. hahaha.. and in the end I lost my voice.. I shouted a lot. I think the people felt annoyed listening to my voice.. ahahaha..sorry guys..
Hm... So, see you when I see you Berwick people... Gonna miss ya! muahxxx

thats it for now!! Till then~