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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Next Phase


This is it. My ultimate decision. I am going back to Msia for good in few more days and I hope that, this would be a wise move.

I have been thinking a lot these days. I used to dream a LOT. Who doesnt? ;) One of the dreams was: Having a job in Melbourne and make a living here. Now that I think Msia has much more to offer compared to Melbourne, so I'll be going back. Bye Melbourne! I'll be missing you... surely will... Maybe I'll come back someday.. to do MBA perhaps? ;)


Saturday, December 26, 2009

Hate hate hate

Great. My JC wedges gone!! argh..... not that you care again ;D



Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Papa!!!

Happy 50+++ Papa!! hehe.. mmwahsss

Sunday, December 20, 2009

17th December 2009

Hey folks.

I know I know ..

I am truly sorry for exaggerating on my graduate thingy lately. =) No more about graduate after this.. Promise~

The thing is, I have received my effing scroll on the 17th Dec 09. After years struggling in Monash.

Its WORTH it anyways. The moment was UNSPEAKABLE. All I can say now is:


Current status: Unemployed (no longer a student). hahahahaha (showing off again you see!cant help it!)

For Mama & Papa, A BIG THANK YOU FOR YOU GUYS!!!!!! for EVERYTHING ~ If not for you guys, I wont be here...... =]

Looking forward for the next phase of my life, Working part.

Hope everything will turn out to be fine. InsyaAllah..

P/s: A big congrats to Adam Shafiq for getting the TOP FLYER AWARD. Mama & Papa are so proud of you~ (I have proof) hehehe... and sorry Mama & Papa werent there to witness that moment.



Monday, December 14, 2009


Papa & Mama will be arriving tomoooorrrooow from Singapore!!!

I am so excited okayh.... not that you care~



Saturday, December 12, 2009

Ponder heart~

Somehow I'm not that looking forward to home. Not as much as I thought I'd feel like I would be as excited as the last time. I ponder WHY is that so....

Sunday, December 6, 2009



I have finally graduated with Bachelor of Business and Commerce. Majoring in Accounting and Marketing. I AM A GRADUATE NOW!!!! Yeeeehaaaaaaa tada tada.. oh, my graduation ceremony will be held on Dec 17 2009.

The good news is Papa and Mama are coming next weeekk!!! hooray ~ and the sad news is papa and mama wont be attending Adam's graduation ceremony... I feel bad for Adam.. Apparently, Adam's and My graduation ceremony fall on the same date!!! boleh x? there are freaking 365 days in a year and APFT has chosen 17th Dec!!!!! Wth!! As papa and mama have already booked their tickets here, so they are attending mine.. Kakak, Abang and Kak Sheilla will be attending Adam's. Well, I kinda make sort of deal with Adam about that. hehehe... Anyways, congrats again Adam Shafiq.

Having said that, my parents will go "yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh"... as all of their children have finally graduated.. Lawyer, Architect, Accountant( ye ke accountant?haha), and Pilot!! hehe.. Till now, I am still not sure why did I major in Marketing as well.. hahahahha... Whatever it is, Im looooving this moment... Well, its my first degree what do you expect kan? hahaha...

So, here it comes, the next phase of my life... working life.. (after that married life la pulak-Im giving you guys a hint here) hahahahahhaha... kidding okay kidding!!!!

Hmmm... I guess thats it for now.. Will update anything later.... Till then.. Mmwahs..


Monday, November 30, 2009


Hello hello....

Ive typed this looong time ago.. but Ive only managed to post it now. .hehe..

Okay, after my very final exam, Nissa came to visit me in Melb

me & nissa @ Docklands
and 3 days later, I went to Adelaide with couple of friends, Aishah, Emma, Nikkie, Hanif & Sofia. I was the captain of the trip. I drove, I planned the activities, came up with the itineraries ( I even printed them out and gave them out to the troops!!! How organize was that. haha), I booked the car and bla bla bla... oh but not the accommodation part. Hanif &Sofia did that. hehe..

Me brief the trooppps

The trip was awesome with awesome people... Our days were full of activities.. And not to mention its TIRING!!!

We thought that 5days (21st Nov to 26th Nov) in Adelaide would be boring but NO. Instead it was superbly FUN. Well, I had amazing crowd I could say... huhu

I would looooooooooove to describe the trip but I am so so so so so so lazy!!!! Oh God..

But the pictures do tell a thousand words :D

So called Hide & Seek

my euww face


strawberry farm!



Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Boo!!!

Happy 23rd Birthday Boo!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Nasi Lemak oh~


I want to sleep but I just cant sleep as I just makan nasi lemak just now!! But I am soooo darn sleepy... Have to wait at least 1 hour for the food to digest.. haih.. Bored bored bored!! thats why Im here... Lalalalalaa.. oi nasi lemak oi nasi lemak sungguh lazatttt .. sungguh enakk.. bla bla bla...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Kak Sheilla~

Happy 26th Birthday Kak Sheilla sayang~ Mmmmmwahs

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Adam!!!

Happy 20th Birthday Adam Shafiq!!! Mmmmwahss

Friday, September 18, 2009


Eid is coming~

This year, InsyaAllah..I will be celebrating eid with the Sukris. When I say the Sukris, I mean all of them!
Papa, Mama, (Kakak +Abang = Bree) one package.. haha, Kak Sheilla, Adam & Baby~

Its been so long since we had all of the Sukris celebrating Eid together. . tak cukup quorum papa said. haha.. I reckon since 2002 we didnt have enough of the Sukris' family member celebrating Eid together. Kakak was studying in UK from 2002 to 2005, Kak Sheilla was in Australia from 2005 to 2007 and Me, was in Melbs last year... hm... Yay, it means that this year, the Sukris could gather and happy2 bersama~ Alhamdulillah...

Ive been wanting this for so long~ and here it comes~~~~~~ InsyaAllah..

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri and Maaf Zahir Batin to all of you~



Monday, September 7, 2009


I'm wondering...
Should I take MBA straight away or work first? Argh.... Its a tough decision to be made. Melanie told me that its advisable to work first then take master.. but then I don't think I will pursue my study once Ive started working. Help~~~~~~~

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Just another day~


I just came back from Philip Island for a fishing trip peeps.! it was awesome~ we had bbq iftar after that..nice! oh but I'm exhausted!!!

First timer!
Oh yes, thats me with that slide. 
Philip Island =D   
Looking like a pro huh. haha
I caught these! wheeeeeeee
BBQ timeeeeeeeeeeeee (Yep the fishes that we caught)

and and I miss him already~ he just went to macca today and I sort of missing him... argh... hate this feeling.... cant wait to see you darling.. muahhhxxxx

till then~


Monday, August 31, 2009

Merdeka! and not merdeka~

Hello again~

Hehe.. seems so free today. oh anyway, Selamat Hari Kebangsaan Malaysia! Merdeka! I loooooooooove you! Nothing feels like home~

Despite our independence, there is still some people who dont wanna merdeka herself from the past and learn from it.. hmm.. why is that so? Doesnt she learn from what has happened?

As you could see, I've deleted my chatbox. haha.. Well, it does not mean that Ive surrendered. Instead I dont want to involve with that kind of stupid conversation with surik,suria,suris, shrek or whatever she called herself with. Tired of you and its so not membangun! I still have loads of stuff to do than just layan your crap! Boring~

By the way, who are we to talk bad about other people? are you and your family that PUUURRRFECT? Like you said, kubur masing2. so what the hell were you doing commenting on MY BLOG? I feel stupid for layan-ing you okay.. Dah la in disguise lagiiiiiii... chicken ! go and eat ur shit okay? oh wait, you are eating it now innit? thank God!

Whatever it is, youre realling pissing me off. get lost and berambus from my blog. stop being a stalker and stalk my blog. If you re not a stalker, not being jealous, why are you here, reading my post? Sympathy? oh hello... you should sympathy yourself first! see how pathethic youre doing this. haha. FYI, technically, you made me happy somehow knowing that you "care" soooo much about me (oh I am not that dumb to not know what ur real intention is) but sorry I dont have time for you girl... Im gonna repeat this one last time, GET A LIFE! this is Ramadhan for God's sake. Change ok change! Dont just mess with others' life just because you cant live your life like others. Dont cry lonely lil girl, you can change if you want to. You just need to freeee yourself first! hahahahhahahahahahahahhahaa....

Till then darlings~ muahx


Sunday, August 30, 2009


Salam Ramadhan to all bloggers~

Hehe.. I'll be home in few weeks time! yeay! I did not celebrate eid with family last year and this year, InsyaAllah I will be ! I cant wait to see you the Sukris !! Love you guys muchy much.... and looking forward to seeing my baju raya as well.. haha... been counting days lately.. still need to shop lots of stuffs for you guys.. hehe.. one for one people will do okay? haha..I'll surely broke at the end of this month.. hoho...

cant wait to be home~ place that I love most. and cant wait to see rumah dusun as well.. rumah dusun oh rumah dusun.. how do you look like? been hearing from kak sheilla, you are nice and all.. but hmm.. Im hoping for 5 rooms in it but papa insists on 4.. share pon share lah kak sheilla kan?..hahaha.. what-ever...

Oh my boyfie is goin to macca this week.. Selamat pergi and selamat pulang okay bee? Thats all I want from you! take care of yourself.. I'll see you raya~

Okay then. Need to do tute work. argh.. malas okay. till then~~


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Potluck Puasa


Today is our first day of Ramadhan, so we decided to do potluck! I cook nasi kerabu and ayam percik today~aums... It tastes not bad though.. edible.. hehe.. theres seriously loads of food! and I keep on eating eating and eating... hahaha... hello sarah.. first day puasa kot~

what-ever.. after that we perform solat terawikh together.. Its been a while since I solat berjemaah though... Its fun~

andddd......... then here it comes our bonding session~ charade time !!!! cool... My team won! hahahaha..

Sape kata Ramadhan kat overseas not fun? hehe.. Arghh.. sleepy sleepy~

till then.. mmwahs.. oh before that, enjoy the photos~