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Sunday, December 20, 2009

17th December 2009

Hey folks.

I know I know ..

I am truly sorry for exaggerating on my graduate thingy lately. =) No more about graduate after this.. Promise~

The thing is, I have received my effing scroll on the 17th Dec 09. After years struggling in Monash.

Its WORTH it anyways. The moment was UNSPEAKABLE. All I can say now is:


Current status: Unemployed (no longer a student). hahahahaha (showing off again you see!cant help it!)

For Mama & Papa, A BIG THANK YOU FOR YOU GUYS!!!!!! for EVERYTHING ~ If not for you guys, I wont be here...... =]

Looking forward for the next phase of my life, Working part.

Hope everything will turn out to be fine. InsyaAllah..

P/s: A big congrats to Adam Shafiq for getting the TOP FLYER AWARD. Mama & Papa are so proud of you~ (I have proof) hehehe... and sorry Mama & Papa werent there to witness that moment.



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