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Sunday, December 6, 2009



I have finally graduated with Bachelor of Business and Commerce. Majoring in Accounting and Marketing. I AM A GRADUATE NOW!!!! Yeeeehaaaaaaa tada tada.. oh, my graduation ceremony will be held on Dec 17 2009.

The good news is Papa and Mama are coming next weeekk!!! hooray ~ and the sad news is papa and mama wont be attending Adam's graduation ceremony... I feel bad for Adam.. Apparently, Adam's and My graduation ceremony fall on the same date!!! boleh x? there are freaking 365 days in a year and APFT has chosen 17th Dec!!!!! Wth!! As papa and mama have already booked their tickets here, so they are attending mine.. Kakak, Abang and Kak Sheilla will be attending Adam's. Well, I kinda make sort of deal with Adam about that. hehehe... Anyways, congrats again Adam Shafiq.

Having said that, my parents will go "yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh"... as all of their children have finally graduated.. Lawyer, Architect, Accountant( ye ke accountant?haha), and Pilot!! hehe.. Till now, I am still not sure why did I major in Marketing as well.. hahahahha... Whatever it is, Im looooving this moment... Well, its my first degree what do you expect kan? hahaha...

So, here it comes, the next phase of my life... working life.. (after that married life la pulak-Im giving you guys a hint here) hahahahahhaha... kidding okay kidding!!!!

Hmmm... I guess thats it for now.. Will update anything later.... Till then.. Mmwahs..



  1. amboiii the m word has popped up in the blog ey?

    haha keje dulu keje keje! lol

    congratulations sayangggg! love you! xx

  2. haahahahahahhahahahahahahaha.... thanks dahling!! love u tooo... mmmwahsss