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Monday, November 30, 2009


Hello hello....

Ive typed this looong time ago.. but Ive only managed to post it now. .hehe..

Okay, after my very final exam, Nissa came to visit me in Melb

me & nissa @ Docklands
and 3 days later, I went to Adelaide with couple of friends, Aishah, Emma, Nikkie, Hanif & Sofia. I was the captain of the trip. I drove, I planned the activities, came up with the itineraries ( I even printed them out and gave them out to the troops!!! How organize was that. haha), I booked the car and bla bla bla... oh but not the accommodation part. Hanif &Sofia did that. hehe..

Me brief the trooppps

The trip was awesome with awesome people... Our days were full of activities.. And not to mention its TIRING!!!

We thought that 5days (21st Nov to 26th Nov) in Adelaide would be boring but NO. Instead it was superbly FUN. Well, I had amazing crowd I could say... huhu

I would looooooooooove to describe the trip but I am so so so so so so lazy!!!! Oh God..

But the pictures do tell a thousand words :D

So called Hide & Seek

my euww face


strawberry farm!



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