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Sunday, August 30, 2009


Salam Ramadhan to all bloggers~

Hehe.. I'll be home in few weeks time! yeay! I did not celebrate eid with family last year and this year, InsyaAllah I will be ! I cant wait to see you the Sukris !! Love you guys muchy much.... and looking forward to seeing my baju raya as well.. haha... been counting days lately.. still need to shop lots of stuffs for you guys.. hehe.. one for one people will do okay? haha..I'll surely broke at the end of this month.. hoho...

cant wait to be home~ place that I love most. and cant wait to see rumah dusun as well.. rumah dusun oh rumah dusun.. how do you look like? been hearing from kak sheilla, you are nice and all.. but hmm.. Im hoping for 5 rooms in it but papa insists on 4.. share pon share lah kak sheilla kan?..hahaha.. what-ever...

Oh my boyfie is goin to macca this week.. Selamat pergi and selamat pulang okay bee? Thats all I want from you! take care of yourself.. I'll see you raya~

Okay then. Need to do tute work. argh.. malas okay. till then~~



  1. kat kampung! you should go there someday.. and we can hooray hooray! coolness.. hehehe.. oh its rumah dusun.. kebun plak.. opsiee.. hehe