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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Potluck Puasa


Today is our first day of Ramadhan, so we decided to do potluck! I cook nasi kerabu and ayam percik today~aums... It tastes not bad though.. edible.. hehe.. theres seriously loads of food! and I keep on eating eating and eating... hahaha... hello sarah.. first day puasa kot~

what-ever.. after that we perform solat terawikh together.. Its been a while since I solat berjemaah though... Its fun~

andddd......... then here it comes our bonding session~ charade time !!!! cool... My team won! hahahaha..

Sape kata Ramadhan kat overseas not fun? hehe.. Arghh.. sleepy sleepy~

till then.. mmwahs.. oh before that, enjoy the photos~

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