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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The last and very last time

This would be the last time that I am posting up about shrek and the clan. I am so fed up with this thing. Come on this is my blog for god's sake. I can post whatever I want and what I reckon to be true.

Theres this people which call herself or himself as nik haris and been reading my blog. Who the heck is nik haris? I dont know. But nik haris claimed himself as my friend and shrek's.. I cant remember having a friend named nik haris and I dont think I know shrek's friend. hehe.. sorry.
A stalker I would say. When I ask who are you. He told me that he's using random name. Get my point what he's trying to do? He's in disguise as well! Practically I havent told anyone yet about my blog accept 2 people and YET here he is, commenting my blog? Dont you have a life to live on?

Nik haris has been protecting shrek in his comments to my post "saturday night with a thought that I should not think of but I did". Telling that shrek is innocent and been crying because the sis in law asked her to take the blame for the cousin. Haha.. Why wouldnt this nik haris reveal himself? Scared or is he shrek? hehe.. He seems to know everything about what happened. Every single details of what happened to shrek, he happens to know. Wow. Nik haris and shrek must be very close huh.

He wanted to blame the cousin of all what happened. I strongly have to object that my dear nik haris. You know why? The cousin has alibi and I trust the cousin. Well I am not that close to that cousin but I can bet my life that she wont say anything bad about my dad and automatically did not sent any of those cruel msgs to me. I really kesian the cousin if the cousin seriously for being kicked out from the family(Nik haris told this). But then Nik haris, if the sis in law asked shrek to take the blame for the cousin why why why why the cousin is being kicked out from the family? It does not make any sense at all I tell you.

And I still remember that the shrek has accused another person of doing that thing to me which is the cousin's cousin. Shreks playing a bit innocent here. and the sis in law has been accusing the cousin's cousin's friend who is jealous of me. hmm.. complicated huh. There are so many stories. So nik haris just choose which one u want to believe, be quiet and leave me alone please?. This thing absolutely has NOTHING to do with you. EXCEPT... you are really shrek. Get the drift?

And about the point youre telling me about my dad and jali. hmm.. is that your problem? Being a busybody again huh? xcukup with my life now you want to intefere with my family's life as well? and pasal ku dah? hahahahaha... story lama man. Why would I tell you what happened behind that? Are you part my family? As you can see, there always two sides of every story(except shrek's story, its 3 stories for god's sake!!haha) Again, choose what you want to choose to believe. cool?

Lastly Nik haris, Please please please GET THE HELL OUT OF MY LIFE especially my blog.. Its my blog!! my own freaking blog!! not yours not your friend's. Dont pretend to be my friend when you re not ok.



  1. hahaha. orang dengki ngan u, u should be proud!! :p

  2. ye jgk kan.. hahah..I am very pround of this.. haha.. life die tgk my blog.. wow... gile lahh.. bukak everyday rasanya.. hahaha...