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Friday, March 11, 2011

the surgery :)

Hello there...

Its been a week since I got my appendix removed. Yes, I have no appendix now :( I got it removed (well by the surgeon of course) last thursday at pakar perdana.been on mc for a week :p..Well the good thing is now I know what is the root of my tummyache those days..

I went on check up wit the doc this morning, he gave me another week of mc. Which is a good thing for me..but the problem is I feel bored at home. I keep on updating satuses, uploading photos on fb and bla bla bla. Too much of not so useful stuffs. I better find some better things to do or else I'll gone gaga by next week.

Somehow,there's a good thing about being sick, u'll know who is genuinely care about you. Well in my case, now I know who is actually concern about me :) I appreciate that. And hanya Allah yg mampu membalasnya..I got lots and lots and lots and flowers too!hehe..

I'm feeling a lot better now. Compared to the first day of my surgery. Only god knows how I feel.but at least I can walk now..even though not that'll take 6weeks to be fully recovered. :(

Hmm..I guess that's it for now. Will update soon. 

Operation timeeeeeee


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