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Friday, January 1, 2010


Happy New Year to all~

Bye bye 2009 and Welcome 2010.

Where did I celebrate new year? hm.. I was in Melbourne. Watching fireworks from home (Its from Fed square perhaps ;). I dont normally celebrate new year. I guess its a ritual for my family and I. Back home, My family and I will perform solat hajat at Papa's office together with his staffs on the new year's eve itself. Thats all. Nothing extraordinary.

Anyways, I dont really have new year resolutions or whatsoever (as always). But I unquestionably want this year to be better. Better than last year ( no more dramas okay ).

P/s: 2009 was a great year tho. Happiest year of my life in terms of family, education and relationship. hehe.. (oh, minus that shrek could I forget this ;D)

Have a good year you guys! Mmwahs...


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