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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

a total lost


I've heard a bad news about my previous car. It's tragic. It's no longer mine but somehow, someway, it has sadden me :(

Its a malaysian car, KELISA. My dad gave it as my PMR's pressie when I was in form 4 (YES, no driving licence yet :p). Ive been practicing a standard care of it when it was with me. No accident. Oh, there was. Once, 4months after I got the car. When I was busy texting my boyfie while DRIVING, I didnt focus on the road and BAM, I hit the car in front of me. Well, it was just a minor one. Surprisingly, nothing happened to that car but there's a minor scratch on kelisa ;)

Moral of the story: DONT TEXT and DRIVE.

Then I flew to Melbourne to pursue my study. No one has been using it since then.

And December last year, my parents has sold it to someone. I didnt have a chance to drive it for the last time. I cant remember when was the time I drove it.

Shockingly, yesterday, my sis told me that the kelisa had involved in an accident, after 2 months of getting a new owner. and it was a TOTAL LOST. Like seriously? Ive been using it for years and within 2 months with new owner, DANG! total lost?????

Well, maybe that kelisa didnt really want to be with new owner I guess. That kelisa prefer to vanish than being with another owner ;) ! How sweeeett... Sweet ke? hahaha..

Thats the end of kelisa's life. Bye bye kelisa. Thanks for transporting me thru my high school and college life :) Muuaaaahhhxxxxx...

This is the KELISA that I am talking about:

P/s: Nothing happen to the new owner (in case youre wondering) hehe

till then..



  1. Heyyy, Thats my carrrrrr..... (sebijik!)

  2. total lost????? omg babe i didnt even know u had sold the car! :O

    such memories!