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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

the Honeymoon story

As requested ;p

Maldives. A honeymoon that everyone has dreamed of. 

Well, maybe its just me. Ive dreamed of visiting Maldives (for my honeymoon of course) since I was in college and Alhamdulillah, my dream did come true. Bonus, I came here with my loved ones, my one & only husband (he prefers Venice and Japan by the way! ;p)

Resort: Holiday Inn, Kandooma (Maldives has 1199 islands)

I would suggest everyone to come here for their honeymoon. Dont think twice! ;p Its a perfect paradise for love birds (especially newlyweds ;p)

  • Spectacular view (private islands, surrounded by idyllic white sand beach and a vibrant coral reef and lagoon). We stayed at the overwater bungalow and its very breathtaking. Not to mention,it costs us A BOMB!
this is the one! I googled! for better picture xoxo

  • great hospitability (you'll be treated like VIPs I tell you, even when youre not! lol) and most important thing, you'll get your privacy!

  • Food? dont worry about it! Its a muslim country ;)
The newlyweds at sandbank, Maldives ;p

Till I see you again Maldives. I miss you already. 

Next, Japan perhaps? ;p 

*more photos in my fb acc

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