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Friday, July 31, 2009

My 22nd!!!


Hehe.. I turn 22nd today (30th July) . Woah.. another year older and people will be expecting me to act in mature and responsible way. hm... really?

Well, I had fun today! thanks to my friends~

I had 3 Sessions of bday celebration this year.. hehe..

1) Aishah surprised me at home with few friends, cake and ballons. oh not to forget FLOUR! thanks to Hanif.

2)Birthday dinner @ Equinox. A surprise bday cake and a bouquet of flowers from boyfie. hehe

3)Karoake Session!!!!!!!!!! Haha.. I forced them to sing happy birthday song to me~ kiki.. thanks guys for coming... seriously..

So, thanks all for coming and celebrating it with me~ I did have fun and happy!!! Love you guys bunch~


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