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Thursday, March 28, 2013

the Baby Shower story

I am posting my sister's blog post about my baby shower (thanks sister! sorry for not telling :p)

Too lazy to write yet still want to blog lol

Thanks to the Sukris! Youre one of my greatest gift! Lublu

and my bffs, love ya to bits... 

So hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...........


Sarah's Baby Shower

Well..sedar tak sedar sarah, my not so little sister is already 7 months pregnant! Time sy gave birth to my baby fathiya hari tu sarah just had a miscarriage...cepatnya masa baby pun dah nk masuk 9-month old....bila nk blh jalan ni..cepat sikit boleh? u r a heavy baby ok! selalu nk dukung..pinggang ibu pun rasa nk patah fact im underweight now..dont u know that? hehe ngepekkk pulok..but im so happy to see u happy and healthy wpun a bit clingy (ambo pejam mato sajo)

sy terfikir nk organize a baby shower get together utk my not so little sister sehari sebelum chinese new memandangkan baby sy sgt clingy so sy meminta pertolongan sarah's friend to invite her other i wanted this event to be a very small and kawan yang terdekat and relatives sahaja..about 10ppl! i always think that my not so little sister is very lucky to have a very loyal + supportive friends around her! tu la kan..beberapa ramai org x suka kita..lagi ramai org yang suka..suka to be as a friend la! teringat pulak kt shrekkk :s never thought that horrible person does exists until i met shrek.. ok..lets skip this part..

the theme
i always wanted it to be something uncommon..fikir punya fikir..haaa buat color tiffany blue as sarah is expecting a baby BOY! then haaa theme breakfast at tiffany's pun ok jgk sy pun sgt suka cerita tu..hehe tp mcm x sesuai je pakai hitam petang2 tp nk buattttt jgk hahaha dont forget the pearls girls n LBD tooo! tp kebanyakkan invitees kan pakai tudung so up to them la nk interpret LBD tu mcm mano..

the venue
lets talk about the venue pulak..delicious dua residency ampang was the 1st place came to my mind as thats our family favorite place to makan2 sb makanan sedap n cosy..very relaxing..tapi as we organize it at 3pm so i decided to go for english afternoon tea..

the decorations
deco very simple sy tahu i wont have time to do smthg extravaganza sb i have a lifetime commitment (jaga baby) :D mmg x sempat nk kejar sana i just bought about 8 pcs of helium balloons (sadly color yang very close to tiffany blue pun tak adooooo) so ada sikit pun kira ok la..centerpiece pulak i just used my present to sarah on that day which was the diaper cake.. and the baby shower favor adalah superduper mini sarah & co cake + a pregnant belly cake..sarah seriously mengidam nak tgk pregnant belly cake on that day nasib baik la nadibakes sudi buat (wanted to tempah from cecelia tp dia busyyyyyy because our event fell a day b4 CNY) oh keciwanyaaaa but nadibakes punya cake pun not bad! tp at least ada pregnant belly cake tu sy dah bersyukur wpun not from cecelia's sb i could see sarah was really into that cake on that day..kalau x ada tu..mahu keluar airliur her baby nanti..hehe tq adam for the cake..and thanks everyone for making it a wonderful celebrations..

enjoy the pictures!

the online invitation card
the centerpiece

presents for the games session
baby shower favor
pregnant belly cake!
sarah  n her bbfs
sarah with aunties + adam + shaynaa
sarah with my baby fathiya!
sarah n adam
sarah n our lovely shaynnaaa
fathiya beronar! wanted to be near to ibu :D
our lovely mother to be yayahhhh

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