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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The cake dream

I am cake fetish.

I have been forbidden to eat cake since I was 4th mths pregnant (my gynae said my weight gained is quite abnormal for my size). well its not really being forbid, its more to avoid I reckon. Lol

But me being me, I just started to follow gynae's advice last week (since my baby MS is said to be weight 2.4kg in only 8th mths pregnant) I freak out like h*** (refer to my previous 'the pregnancy story' post) Baby is said to grow aggressively towards labour. 

After almost a week I didnt consume ANY sort of cakes, I finally had a dream about cake last night. I even talk in my dream (husband told me). When we woke up for subuh prayer this morning, husband suddenly said 'sedapnya cake'. I was clueless at a moment. Knowing him, he doesnt into cakes so much.  Then I started to recall.....

  1. I remember I dream about cake last night
  2. I saw a very mouthwatering cake, a red velvet cake with a very thick cream cheese all over it. It looks scrumptious. Something like this

     3. then I said 'sedapnya cake' and I know I said it out loud. 
         Not knowing that I actually said it in real life. 

Then both of us laughed! I know now that my cake  fetish is to this extent. Imma in big trouble!

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