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Saturday, March 16, 2013

the Pregnancy story

Well, I dont know where to start.

what I know now is I am now in my 8th months plus of pregnancy. 6 more weeks to 40 weeks to be MS is doing well so far.. Alhamdulillah....

The truth is....

I am scared. Scared of labour. Scared of everything. What will it feel like? Will it hurt (silly question, i know), will it tear?, normal or c-section? Will it be a smooth process for me? How my baby will look like? Like the daddy? mommy?, Will i love him enough? will i be a good mother? Can i take care of my baby well? Those questions keep lingers in my head.on and on and on and on :S

The truth is....

This is actually my second pregnancy. I had a miscarriage last year, in May, when our first baby was nearly 3 months...the heartbeat couldn't be detected so we had to take the baby out. I went thru d&c. But Alhamdulillah, I got pregnant again 2months later. What amaze me was, we knew that I am pregnant when we were in Mecca to perform umrah.. Allah is great. He listens to our prayers. I believe that He replaces the lost one with a better one.  InsyaAllah.

The truth is....

We had a check up last wednesday and our gynae said that our baby is now 2.4kg. And he said that baby MS could grow up to more than 3kgs. He is afraid that 3kgs plus baby is too big for me. Thus, I have to control what I eat. no durian(easy, out of season d), no pizza(easy!not a big fan), no ice cream(thank god we do not have BR here) and NO CAKES! (This will be a hard time for meeeeeeeee as I will definitely say no to cakes before) Sob sob..But anything for you baby MS, mommy will try hard not to eat cakes. no matter how hard its gonna be... I love you baby MS!

current state of my tummy.. 

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