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Sunday, March 17, 2013

baby boy or baby girl?

To preggers,

I know, in early pregnancy, this question is bombarding our mind like 24/7. Normally, we will know the gender in 5th mths above. But if we are lucky, we will know the gender of our baby in the 4th mths of pregnancy (thats the earliest!). If our baby "tak malu" my gynae said. haha...

In my case, we saw our baby's genital in my 5th mths of pregnancy. Our gynae said its 99percent correct. Well, we will see next month whether its true or not ;p InsyaAllah...

But for every mommy or mommy to be, we definitely will have an instinct whether we are carrying a boy or a girl. And I think my instinct in my early pregnancy (before I know the gender) was correct.

In my 1st,2nd,3rd and 4th months of pregnancy, my sickness wasnt that bad. My symptoms are/were:
  • I will definitely vomit if I were hungry (hence, you know why I gained so much lol). I have to eat something as soon as I wake up. (Not anymore yay)
  • I love to sleep! like a lot! (Till now :S)
  • I didnt like the smell of my husband (he doesnt know this till now, but if you were reading this honey, I am soooooryyy, its not me! its our baby! I love youuuu). (Thank god it didnt last!)
  • I loooooooooooove wearing my husband t-shirt. like everyday! to the extend, I will remind him not to wear those particular green t-shirt as I wanna wear it. As my tummy has gotten bigger, I stop wearing my husband t-shirt and that was when I was 6th mths pregnant.
  • well, if you know me before this, you will definitely know that I am such a girly girly type but when I got pregnant, I super dislike wearing pink shirt or pink whatsoever. I love GREEN a lot!  
  •  Dizziness was my bestfriend (not anymore!)

 *So you basically can guess the gender of  my baby right? ;p

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